[BBC-Micro] Emulator for windows mobile

samwise samwise at bagshot-row.org
Sat Oct 23 15:32:16 BST 2010

Hi, Matt.

Did you mean your reply to go to the list?  I assume so and have
quoted it here, so apologies if it was meant to be private.

> And surely that depends on the 'phone itself?  I tried BeebEm on my Motorola
> something, (back in 2005/6) running Win Mobile, and it was agonisingly slow.

Phone / operating system / any other variables ...  :)

> I dare say that newer devices (Android etc.) may lend themselves better, but
> I don't have the time to learn and code new stuff.
> That said, I'd be interested to see an a decent BBC emulator on a phone -
> but until then, I'll remain with the Xperia and the laptop.
> MJ

Aye.  I don't know anyone who's tried a mobile port more recently -
unless you count the GP2X port by Dave Eggleston - which is also fab:


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