[BBC-Micro] New 6502 Second Processors available

John Kortink kortink at inter.nl.net
Mon Oct 25 13:25:00 BST 2010

A (very) limited number of complete plug-in-and-go 6502
Second Processors is now available, for 89 Euro ex p&p.

This is a ReCo6502 'in a box', and includes my Tube ULA
replacement ReTuLa.

These (very small) boxes have all the functionality of
the original Acorn 6502 Second Processor, plus : 

- 65C816 under the bonnet, running in 65C02 compatible
- Runs at the original 3 MHz, or several higher speeds
  up to 14.7 MHz.
- 448 KB extra usable memory (via BASIC or your own
  homebrew code).
- Explore and harness the additional processing power
  of the 65816.

It's very thrifty with power, so is powered entirely
from the host (no extra mains socket needed).

Picture can be seen on the website (see link below).

Email me for further info.

John Kortink


Email    : kortink at inter.nl.net
Homepage : http://www.inter.nl.net/users/J.Kortink

GoMMC, the ultimate BBC B/Master/Electron storage system :

ReCo6502, the Acorn 6502 Second Processor on steroids :

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