[BBC-Micro] Reversing the Tube ULA (destructively)

Phill Harvey-Smith afra at aurigae.demon.co.uk
Tue Oct 26 11:48:20 BST 2010

Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:
> Mark Haysman wrote:
>> Well you've been in the discussion on the *. forums and seen the 6502 
>> Internal Co-Pro I've done for the M128, which uses a Xilinx XC3S50AN. That 
>> chip doesn't need an external config prom, as it has it built in. The level 
> It doesn't ohh that's cool, humm I might see if that's also a feature of 
> the version that has less pins.....I know I can mount the tqfp 100 
> packages on self made boards, not sure about the higher pin count.

Just looked at the data sheets, and though XC3S50AN is a 144 pin device, 
it's also bigger than the 100 pin so the pin pitch is the same which 
means I should be able to mount one.....time to visit farnell  think.....



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