[BBC-Micro] Reversing the Tube ULA (destructively)

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 14:21:11 BST 2010

J.G.Harston wrote:
> Jules Richardson wrote:
>> The interesting ones might be the Springboards (can't tell from my photos,
>> sadly - I never took snaps of the underside of the boards) and the   
>> A500 "copro version" as they may have done things differently.
> Those are the two CoPros I don't have circuit diagrams for. Anybody
> got a copy?

It's on my to-do list to trace out the Springboards* at some point, once I 
have them over here with me (sometime next year) - it'd be nice to try and 
make them "do something". I need to finish off the '286 trace too (unless 
someone happens to have it anyway?) - I only got half of it done before moving.

I should probably try and do the Cumana 68008 too, but that one's even more 
complex than the 286 :-(

* one's a "PC ARM co-processor", the other a "PC ARM application card", with 
on-board IOC; I've never been certain if they're both technically Springboards 
or not.



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