[BBC-Micro] ARM7TDMI coprocessor update

Sprow info at sprow.co.uk
Sat Oct 30 22:25:05 BST 2010

Now available to download is an update to ARM Tube OS, the software running
on the ARM7TDMI coprocessor. This new version includes a built in
disassembler to help programmers to diagnose their work.

The command *MEMORYI disassembles a region of memory, and behaves just like
the *MEMORY command. For example to disassemble 256 bytes from address &9000
would use
  *MEMORYI 9000 +100
and can also be called from within a program using the Debugger_Disassemble
SWI, for example to disassemble one instruction in BASIC:
  address% = &9000
  SYS "Debugger_Disassemble",!address%,address% TO,result%
  SYS "OS_Write0",result%
  SYS "OS_NewLine"

To download this, or see how to get an ARM coprocessor, visit

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