[BBC-Micro] ANN: AFSFiler

J.G.Harston jgh at mdfs.net
Mon Aug 6 04:02:39 BST 2012

AFSFiler v0.15 - http://mdfs.net/Apps/Filers

AFSFiler is a simple program for accessing Acorn "AFS0" file server 
disks and disk
images to examine and extract files. It will access Level2FS and 
Level3FS floppy
and hard disks and disk images.

It will run on BBC, Master, RISC OS and Windows.

It is based on the same core program as CPMFiler, SJFiler, UnixFiler 
and USBFiler.

J.G.Harston - jgh at mdfs.net - mdfs.net

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