[BBC-Micro] ANN: AFSFiler

Rob robert at irrelevant.com
Mon Aug 6 20:55:55 BST 2012

Oooh.. thank you!

I've been meaning to write something similar for the last 20 years!  I
have my old L3FS hard drive here still - it's got a busted front
directory, so needs something to access it directly (I'm assuming I'll
have to modify the program to jump into the middle of the drive
somehow..)   I did it once before, about 1989, but have been unable to
find the program ever since ...

Will it work with Filestore E20 drives?


On 6 August 2012 04:02, J.G.Harston <jgh at mdfs.net> wrote:
> AFSFiler v0.15 - http://mdfs.net/Apps/Filers
> AFSFiler is a simple program for accessing Acorn "AFS0" file server
> disks and disk
> images to examine and extract files. It will access Level2FS and
> Level3FS floppy
> and hard disks and disk images.
> It will run on BBC, Master, RISC OS and Windows.
> It is based on the same core program as CPMFiler, SJFiler, UnixFiler
> and USBFiler.
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