[BBC-Micro] ANN: AFSFiler

Rob robert at irrelevant.com
Mon Aug 6 23:05:13 BST 2012

On 6 August 2012 22:23, J.G.Harston <jgh at mdfs.net> wrote:
> Oo, that's a good idea. A quick tweek, and you can now select a
> directory
> with it's SIN by prefixing it with a '&', eg DIR &42F.

Wonderful!  As soon as the Tuits(Round) arrive, I'll have to try it!
(We've got builders in at the moment, so nothing is where I can use

> It would be useful if I add the BLOCK command from CPMFiler which dumps
> a
> disk block, allowing you to examine the low-level disk contents.

That would be handy too.

>> Will it work with Filestore E20 drives?
> It should do, As far as all the documentation I've examined says, the
> FileStore just uses a L3FS filesystem, and documentation makes me
> understand that a FileStore hard drive is just a BBC SCSI drive, so
> is pluggable into a BBC SCSI hard drive interface.

The E20s I have are the older 1MHz bus type drives, with on-board scsi
interface, so even easier.  I've been waiting to peek at them without
actually risking firing them up on a filestore.  This will definitely
help...  (But how long to copy 20MB over econet?)

Just have to throw together a scart lead, once I can get back in the
spare room, and I'll have a play!

> This all started with me writing CPMFiler years'n'years ago to extract
> files from my CPM disks.

Many of my best programs were written out of necessity..!  It makes
for things that work!

Ta again


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