[BBC-Micro] ANN: AFSFiler

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Tue Aug 7 12:11:35 BST 2012


Read and attempted to format a Rodime drive on a RiscPC with a Morley SCSI card and the formatter software under 65Tube. FileStore wasn't having it, but the layout *looked* okay.

Also used the same basic setup to image my MDFS drive when the hardware toasted itself.

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"J.G.Harston" <jgh at mdfs.net> wrote:

>Rob wrote:
>> I've been meaning to write something similar for the last 20 years!  
>> I
>> have my old L3FS hard drive here still - it's got a busted front
>> directory, so needs something to access it directly
>Oo, that's a good idea. A quick tweek, and you can now select a 
>with it's SIN by prefixing it with a '&', eg DIR &42F. You'll get 'Bad 
>if you try to catalog a directory that isn't really a directory, but it
>will let you step through a broken directory tree.
>It would be useful if I add the BLOCK command from CPMFiler which dumps 
>disk block, allowing you to examine the low-level disk contents.
>> Will it work with Filestore E20 drives?
>It should do, As far as all the documentation I've examined says, the
>FileStore just uses a L3FS filesystem, and documentation makes me
>understand that a FileStore hard drive is just a BBC SCSI drive, so
>is pluggable into a BBC SCSI hard drive interface.
>If not, find a computer with a SCSI interface that you can use to
>create a disk image, and the access the disk image with AFSFiler.
>This all started with me writing CPMFiler years'n'years ago to extract
>files from my CPM disks. It was followed by SJFiler about ten years
>ago that let me recover lots of files from my MDFS floppies after my
>MDFS's floppy interface stopped working. I then adapted it to create
>L2Filer to recoved the contents from my Level2FS disks.
>Quickly followed up with UnixFiler to access PDP-11 Unix disk images
>when I started developing my PDP-11 BBC BASIC and needed to manipulate
>files in a disk image to boot Unix from.
>USBFiler followed quickly in the wake of Sprow's DataCentre to navigate
>the filesystem on USB devices.
>Then these last few weeks, L2Filer became AFSFiler with the addition of
>being able to access Level2FS disks.
>Almost every step has included me documenting the filesystem structure 
>I went along ;)  There are still a handful of bytes in the MDFS 
>that I don't know what they are. (mdfs.net/Docs/Comp/Disk/Format)
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