[BBC-Micro] US Model B on eBay

Mark Haysman jumbos.bazzar at btopenworld.com
Mon Aug 20 10:35:28 BST 2012

Yes, it is converted back, as the US OS should say "Acorn OS 32K" in the 
style of the B+. Probably go for a fortune, as some PPL think they're rare, 
which is nice for the half dozen+ of them I've got sitting around the place.


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Item 370641180580

Promotes it as an "Issue One" and "a lot heavier than later models".

I think they think it's an early one ....

But it looks like it's one of the re-converted yank ones - did they do
anything other than issue 1 on those boards?  So quite late on, rather
than early.  Interesting, historically, but not too special.

It'd have been nice to have another B with a factory fitted econet
interface, and I'd like a real speech synth to play with too, but it's
got a reserve on it, which means they think it's worth at least £50.
Way beyond my price range for "would be nice to have" stuff.


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