[BBC-Micro] US Model B on eBay

J.G.Harston jgh at mdfs.net
Mon Aug 20 10:36:35 BST 2012

Rob wrote:
> Promotes it as an "Issue One" and "a lot heavier than later models".

It's an Issue 1 US Beeb, which means it's an Issue 7 Beeb. It's a lot
heavier because it's got lots of extra metal shielding over all the
insides - essentially, there's a big metal box containing all the
electronics within the plastic BBC case.

The screenshot says it has OS 1.20, so it's been retrofitted for UK
TV standards, the US Beeb had OS A1.0, with screen modes set up
for US TV standards - 525 pixel lines instead of 625, resulting on
MODE 0 being 80x25 not 80x32, and MODE 3 being 80x20 not 80x25.

The Reuters Beeb OS R0.3 (based on OS 2.00) was dual-standard and had
*UK and *US commands to switch between the two settings on the next 

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