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Andrew Benham adsb at adsb.co.uk
Thu Aug 30 17:26:23 BST 2012

On 30/08/12 16:35, Tom Pen wrote:

> Also wondered about Philips Cassette tape recorder as I have one badged as 
> "World Radio" but identical to a Philips one.

Ah, that takes me back.  My first job after graduating in 1978 was with
Radiomobile - as in the manufacturer of in car entertainment: car
radios; 8-track players; and cassette players.

Radiomobile, before my time, used to make some car radios badged as
"Motorola".  There was a separate business name for that side of the
operation, and that was "World Radio".  I remember that there were some
of the very early Philips cassette players around which were badged
"World Radio" - I think I might have a WR manual for the Philips
cassette player somewhere.

When I used to work on car engines as a hobby, I came across Plastigage
(which is now at http://plastigauge.co.uk/).  The UK outlet for it in
the 1980s was - World Radio.  Turns out that the guy who ran the
World Radio part of the Radiomobile business had found there was no UK
outlet for Plastigage, so he'd decided to make that part of the World
Radio business too.

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