[BBC-Micro] Electron - Motor Control Relay

Rich Mellor rich at rwapservices.co.uk
Thu Jul 18 09:51:36 BST 2013

On 17/07/2013 21:05, Wookie wrote:
> On 17/07/13 16:29, Rich Mellor wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Does anyone know the specifications for the motor control relay in the
>> Electron?  Is it just a 5V mini relay?
>> I have an Electron here where the motor control is not working - there
>> looks to be some damage around one of the relay pins - the cable is
>> fine, but output is about 200mV (!)
> Errr... what output ? the relay should only connect pins 6 & 7 of the
> cassette interface together when you do a *motor 1 and it should be open
> circuit when you do *motor 0
> It might be *motor0 and *motor1 ... it's been a long time.
> If the relay is knackered I can open up one of my electrons and get the
> spec of the relay for you.
> Cheers
> Wookie

Hmm - maybe it is the lead then after all, as I have just tried plugging 
the lead into the cassette player's remote socket - the motor does not 
run when I press PLAY (as expected).

However, even if I join pins 6 and 7 in the DIN plug end together, the 
motor still does not run.

Rich Mellor
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