[BBC-Micro] Torch Z80 Programmers' Guide

J.G.Harston jgh at mdfs.net
Wed Jul 31 23:04:14 BST 2013

Daniel Jameson wrote:
> I'm trying to locate a scanned copy of this on the web but there
> doesn't seem to be one. Does anyone on this list have one, or a
> physical copy of the guide that they'd be happy to scan (I'm also

A5 ring bound, reddy-brown cover, 126 pages?
Yes, I've got it. I mad a start on scanning it some time ago, but 
didn't get
around to finishing it. I've got one spare that you could have for a 

I have:
A5 ring-bound:
  Programmer's Guide (1 spare)
  TorchNet User Guide
  Torch Z80 BBC BASIC Manual (at least one spare, but don't have to 
  ZDP User Guide (2 spare)
  ZEP 100 User Guide
A4 ring-bound:
  User Guide (2 spare)
  System Guide (1 spare)
  Torch MARS User Guide
  Comanex players instructions

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