[BBC-Micro] 6502 second processor ROM disassembly

John Kortink kortink at inter.nl.net
Mon May 5 23:07:04 BST 2014

On Mon, 5 May 2014 22:24:05 +0100, Steven Flintham <mlist at lemma.co.uk> wrote:

>Does anyone know if there's a full or partial disassembly of the 6502
>second processor ROM floating around? I've done my best with Google but not
>found anything. If not I'll probably have a go myself - it's not that big,
>I guess - but I thought I'd ask first.

I have one, with judicious comments. If you have a bit of

Since it's not my own code, and of general benefit, I was
going to publish it sometime anyway, but haven't got around
to it.

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