[BBC-Micro] Archival

J.G.Harston jgh at mdfs.net
Thu Sep 3 09:45:56 BST 2015

Clive BTInternet wrote:
> Is there anyone who has equipment which could make her life easier in
> the Northampton area.  Eg a PC with 5.25 inch drive capable of reading
> a BBC disc or a BBC hooked up to a PC with serial drive or one of
> those John Kortink things to put it on a memory card?

How many disks need copying? My equipment in Sheffield includes a BBC 
with HostFS serial link to my Windows PC which I regularly use to 
data between the two (usually copying my website updated from my Beebs 
the PC for upload).

I could copy them to almost any medium of choice - PC floppy, CD-ROM, 
DVD disk,
USB device, memory card.

J.G.Harston - jgh at mdfs.net - mdfs.net/jgh

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