[BBC-Micro] Glorious DVI

John Kortink kortink at inter.nl.net
Sun Sep 6 12:04:14 BST 2015

On Wed, 29 Jul 2015 18:30:04 +0100, Richard Broadhurst <richard.broadhurst at gmail.com> wrote:

>Does this support the h-sync pulse width CRT "hack" to allow half character
>horizontal scrolling?
>No commercial BBC games used it that I know of, but some other home micros
>with the same CRT controller did and I have a demo for the beeb based on
>Rally-X that does.

I think Fortress may be using it. After much experimentation,
it's the only game that does not seem to work with my current
logic, and if I go outside the boundaries of proper logic, it
displays, but seems to be doing continuous adjustments to the
horizontal timing.

There are a couple of other games that do not output regular
timing (like Labyrinth, which outputs a few more characters
per line), but these I solved.

John Kortink


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