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Michael Firth mfirth at firths.org
Sun Sep 6 18:33:47 BST 2015


If you haven't already found a solution to this, one of the more cost 
effective solutions for doing it yourself would be the rather 
unfortunately named "UPURS" system:


Basically, a custom high speed cable runs between a Windows or Linux PC 
and the BBC, and you can then convert floppy disks on the BBC into disk 
images on the PC (or vice versa, but you're probably not that interested 
in that half!). I think that people are willing to make the cables 
needed at not much more than cost price for people who don't have the 
abilities to make their own - the contact page from the link above 
allows you to ask for information about that.

There are then various options to extract the data from the disk images 
on the PC - some of the BBC emulators allow you to export files to the 
PC natively, or there are the DFS Explorer and ADFS Explorer utilities 
to work directly with disk images (note that these cost a nominal amount)




On 03/09/15 09:31, Clive BTInternet wrote:
> I have a niece who is an archivist.  She is doing voluntary work at present and moving words held on a BBC Master onto modern storage by hand.  The text is basically school records.
> Is there anyone who has equipment which could make her life easier in the Northampton area.  Eg a PC with 5.25 inch drive capable of reading a BBC disc or a BBC hooked up to a PC with serial drive or one of those John Kortink things to put it on a memory card?
> Clive Richardson 07855450138
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