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OK looking at the 64k board, there is a clearer picture on
http://chrisacorns.computinghistory.org.uk/Computers/BBCB+64.html (thanks


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I have lost my record of the PSU motherboard connectors for my BBC B+ before
getting this recapped.


I've looked at pictures but are still not 100% certain as most of these are
not at the angle required. Has anyone a clear picture of this board?


I have also lost my chip from IC68 which I suspect is why it went from 64k
to 32k (sic). This was during an attempt to fit GOMMC.


I did consult my BBC concise service manual but found the schematics not
that clear.


Presumably there is an easier way to go to 128k to  these days without using
the R/H side daughterboard? Just wondering.


Any help appreciated.






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